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W556 Elgin B.W. Raymond open face pocket watch.

  • The B.W. Raymond is one of the top quality grades of watch movement by the Elgin factory, approved for Railroad use. This 16 size, 19 jewel, lever set example is nickel finished with beautiful damaskeening. Gold is used for the train wheels, balance screws and jewel settings. The compensated balance has a balance spring with overcoil. Adjusted in 5 positions
  • The plain 20 year gold-filled screw-back case is by Star Watch Case Company and is in perfect condition except for a tiny dent on the back.
  • The double sunk white enamel dial with strong Arabic numerals is in perfect condition.
  • 48mm diameter

Circa 1919








This watch is currently being sold on Ebay.

Ebay Number 120412020307


This watch is fully overhauled and guaranteed.

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