Waltham hunter
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Waltham hunter 
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W555 Waltham hunter pocket watch.

Circa 1903

This full hunter case is the best quality 25 year gold-filled Jas. Boss case by Keystone Watch Case Company. It is beautifully engraved all over with a discreet monogram of the initial WN in the centre of the front cover. There are no dents and no obvious wear.

  • The double sunk white enamel dial has fine roman numerals, with the minutes in red, and the WALTHAM name. It is in perfect condition.
  • The damaskeened "nickel" movement is the P.S. Bartlett grade with 17 jewels, gold jewel settings, centre wheel and patent regulator. Compensated balance with gold screws. Balance spring with overcoil. The serial number dates it to circa 1903.
  • Immaculate condition
  • 50mm diameter
  • SOLD






This watch is fully overhauled and guaranteed.

Please contact me further details.