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Watch Materials and Movements

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I have a large quantity of parts for obsolete Swiss watches, which I am willing to sell for individual repairs.  They have been acquired from a variety of sources, so they are not all in original factory packaging. Some are reclaimed from old movements.

When replying to an order it will be made clear what is being supplied, and there is always a no-quibble, money-back guarantee.

This is provided as a service to watchmakers. The time taken to identify, package and send these items is not really a money-making proposition. Preparing a catalogue is a task I don't even want to think about, but if you are stuck on a part, give me a call. I will try to help.






I also have hundreds of used movements, many of them in working order. They include some odd shapes and sizes. If you need to revive an old and well-loved watch, email us with details. (N.B. No Rolex!) 


Please note that the minimum order for these items is £5.00



 Crystals for Antique Watches

I have a substantial stock of these hard-to-find items, graded by size.
Bulls-eye and double lunette styles are available in a range of sizes from approx. 30 -55 mm. diameter. "Ordinary" glass crystals are available in most sizes.


Bullseye & double lunette glasses for pair cased and other early watches.



Double Lunette and bullseye glasses
Sizes Metric Sizes Price
3 1/4 to 17 3/4 28.5 - 35.0 mm. £8.00
18 to 21 42.1 - 44.8 mm. £8.00
22 to 25 1/2 45.0 - 48.2 Not available at any price!
25 3/4 to 32 48.3- 53.8 mm. £8.00



Plain Lunette and other glasses for later watches.


all sizes £5 each




  • Not all sizes are available in both styles. The smallest Bullseyes available are 32.5 mm. (no. 6 3/4)
  • Most glasses have size labels attached, but the sizing is inconsistent. If you are ordering for a specific watch it is advisable to supply measurements in millimetres.
  • Prices are given in Pounds Sterling.
  • For details of payment and currency conversions, please click here.

Please note that the minimum order for these items is £5.00



Post and packing



No. of glasses UK Europe USA & Canada Other
1 - 10 £1.50 £1.50 £1.75 Ask for quote
11 - 50 £2.50 by weight by weight Ask for quote
50 - 100 £5.00 by weight by weight Ask for quote




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