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This site does not have a "shopping cart" feature - I expect buyers to have questions, and probably to view the clocks before buying. Contact me here. The contact form can also be used for ordering smaller items - watch glasses, etc.

Payment in UK Pounds

Most payment methods are acceptable. See below for details

Other Currencies

Payment in dollars, Euros and other currencies



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Delivery and other responsibilities


Guarantees on sales and repairs

Payment in GB Pounds

Payment may be made in POUNDS STERLING by any of the following methods: Cash; banker's draft; traveller's cheques; cashier's cheque; personal cheque.

We prefer payments by Paypal. An automatic system will be implemented soon. In the meantime, please order through the contact page and you will be sent an email directing you to Paypal's secure payment site.



Payment in other currencies

Payment may be accepted in OTHER NEGOTIABLE CURRENCIES, at our discretion, by any of the following methods:
Banker's Draft; Traveller's Cheques; Cashier's Cheque; personal cheque,

Subject to these conditions:

  • An administrative charge may be made.
  • Personal cheques can be accepted, but goods may be held pending clearance, which may take several weeks.
  • The amount payable in any currency will be determined as soon as possible after the conclusion of the sale by reference to The Universal Currency Converter below, or other such reference as agreed by buyer and seller. Fluctuations in the rate of exchange thereafter will not be taken into account.
  • Contact 

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  • Goods will be normally despatched within 7 days of clearance of payment.
  • Mail or private carriers will be used, by agreement with the buyer.
  • The buyer is responsible for:
    • Payment of all costs associated with shipping and insurance.
    • Payment of any import duty, taxes or other charges that may be levied by any agency.
    • Obtaining any import or export licences that may be required
    • Ensuring the legality of any import or export.
  • Cost of shipping will normally be added to the amount payable for the goods.
  • A small additional charge may be made for packaging and administration.
  • The buyer may arrange collection and delivery, and pay direct to the carrier.


I have found these carriers to be mostly reliable, but I cannot be held responsible should they prove otherwise:

  • Royal Mail
  • Parcelforce. Not recommended for delicate items!
  • FedEx for USA and most international destinations. Expensive for small items.
  • Amtrak (in UK) - good for large items


  • Restoration and repairs

    • All repairs are guaranteed for a period of one or two years (depending on the nature of the item) against faulty workmanship or materials.
    • Guarantees do not cover breakage of mainsprings, incorrect use or accidental damage after return to the owner.
    • Timekeeping is guaranteed only within the limits to be expected according to the age and design of any timepiece.
    • Unless we have personally delivered and set up a clock, no responsibility can be accepted for incorrect siting of the timepiece, fine adjustment to timekeeping, nor damage caused by careless handling during installation.
  • Used lathes and tools

    • All items are supplied with a money back guarantee. If you are not satisfied, the item may be returned within 7 days of delivery for a full refund.
    • NO OTHER warranty is given on such items.
  • Antique clocks and watches

    • Any item listed as "Fully Restored and Guaranteed" carries the same warranty as restored items (above).
    • In addition any item supplied by mail may be returned for a refund within one week of delivery if returned in the same condition.
    • Items "in need of restoration" are sold "as found" without guarantee, except that any item supplied by mail may be returned in the same condition within one week of delivery for a full refund.

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